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We are credited as one of the leading Suppliers of Shofu Dental Products. The distinct feature of our company is that we believe in fair business practices rather than pure money minting. This is the reason that the prices of our premium Shofu Dental Products are absolutely fair. Our packaging is competent and ensures that the Shofu Dental Products reach the buyers safely and soundly.


Nomenclature Description
HY Bond Lutting Cement Hy-Bond Glassionomer CX (Powder 45gm, Liquid 25ml)
Glasionomer Cement CX-Plus Capsule Package x 50 Capsules (0.53gm/capsule)
HY Bond Resiglass Radiopaque, Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Cement(powder 15gm,Liquid8.6ml)
HY Bond Polycarboxylate Cement Developed with Shofu’s Patented HY-Agent Additive (Tannin-Fluoride) (powder 60gm, Liquid 33ml)
HY Bond Temporary Cement (Soft) Temporary Cementation of Provisional Restoration and Implant Prosthesis(Powder-125gm, Liquid60ml)
Hy-Bond Zinc Phosphate Traditional Luting Agent for Cementation of Cast Restorations and Orthodontic Appliances(Powder 60gm, Liquid 25ml)
Glassionomer FX-II Improved An Enhanced direct restorative glass ionomer designed in Vita Shades With Remarkable Mechanical Properties & ease of Handling ( Powder15gm, Liquid 5.9ml)
Glassionomer FX II Capsule Package x 50 capsules(0.55gm/Capsule)
Glassionomer Cement Type2 Version 2-Improved Specially designed for class III, ClassV Cervical Erosion /Abrasion(Powder 15gm, Liquid 6.8ml)
Hi Dense XP Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer (powder  30gm,liquid10ml)
Zirconomer Zirconia Reinforced Glass Ionomer(Powder 12gm, Liquid5ml)
Glassionomer Base Cement Powder 15gm, Liquid 5ml
CoreShade Glasionomer Base Cement Especially for Core Build Up.( Powder 25gm,Liquid 10ml)


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