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We have a foothold in the market of Ultradent Dental Products in the country. We are on of the prominent Suppliers of Ultradent Dental Products. The Ultradent Dental Products we provide possess an unbeatable quality and that too at fairly low prices. We have a well-maintained storage facility that helps us in ensuring the quality of the Ultradent Dental Products using required temperatures.


Nomenclature Description
OPALESCENCE TRESWHITE SUPREME 10% & 15% Hydrogen Peroxide (10 Patient kits)
OPALESCENCE PF (10%,15%,20%,35% Home bleach)4x1.2ml syringe
OPALESCENCE BOOST Chasirside whitening 40% Hydrogen peroxide
OPALESCENCE ENDO Walking bleach 35% hydrogen peroxide
OPALESCENCE KIT Chemical & mechanical abrasion slurry 6.6% hydrolic acid slurry for fluorosis , 2x1.2ml Syringe 10 white mac tips, 10 opal cups, 5 bristle & 5 finishing
OPALDAM Light cured resin barrier (1.2ml)
ULTRA ETCH Etchant(1.2ml syringe)gel
ULTRA ETCH MINI KIT 2X1.2ml syringe, 10x blue micro tip
ULTRA EZ Fast desensitizer (1.2ml syringe)gel
UNIVERSAL DENTIN SEALANT Desensitizer(4x1.2ml)
ULTRA PRO Prophy paste(200 pack each 2gm)
SEEK & SABLE SEEK MINI KIT Caries indicators
PROPGARD KIT Mouth prop & Tongue Guard
DERMADAM MEDIUM Rubber dam (0.2mm thick precut 15cmx15cm, 36pk)
DERMADAM HEAVY Rubber dam (0.2mm thick precut 15cmx15cm, 36pk)
VISCO STAT 1.2 ml hemostasis material 20% Ferric Sulfate gel
VISCO STAT MINI KIT 2x1.2ml syringe, 4xmetal dento infusor tips
VISCO STAT REFILL 30ml Hemostasis Material 20% Ferric Sulfate gel
VISCO STAT CLEAR KIT 25% Aluminum Chloride gel(for stoping minor bleeding sulcular fluid  30ml syringe
ULTRAPAK PACKERS Extra thin edges
ULTRAPAK KNITTED CORD #0, #00, #000, #1, #2, #3 size
ULTRA PORCELAIN ETCH & SILANCE 2X1.2ml porcelain + silane 2x1.2ml
AMELOGEN PLUS Esthetic microhybrid composite 2.5 gm syringe each (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A5, B1, C2 shade
NATURAL KIT -7 SHADE 7 Shades of 2.5 g per syringe each A2, A3, A4,C2 enamel neutral, enamel gray, translucent grey, 1shade, 1 half size syringe organizer, 1 bonding kit.
COSMETIC KIT – 7 SHADES 7 shade of 2.5 G(1.9ml) per syringe each A1,A2,A3,Opaque white,enamel (enamel neutral translucent white,1 shade gide, 1half size syringe, Organizer,  1bonding kit
BASIC KIT 7 SHADE 7 Shade of 2.5g(1.19ml)per syringe each A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,B1,C2,1shade guide.1 Half size syringe organizer, 1bonding kit
PERMAFLO Flowable Composite 1.2ml Syringe
Jiffy point 10 pk
JIFFY POLISHERS 5 Cups, 5 Disks and 10 points
ULTRADENT DIAMOND POLISH MINT Diamond Polishing paste 2x1.2ml Syringe
PERMASEAL Penetrating Composite Sealer 2x1.2ml Syringe,10 black micro fx tips
FILE-EZE EDTA 19% EDTA Lubricant 1.2ml Gel
ULTRACAL XS Calcium Hydroxide paste 1.2ml gel
ULTRADENT CITRIC ACID 20% Root canal irrigating solution 30ml syringe
PQ1 MINI KIT 2x1.2ml syringes, 10xblue micra tips
PORCELAIN ETCH.SILANE MINI KIT 1X1.2ML porcelain etch syringe, 1x1.2ml silane syringe,10x black mini brush tips, 10 xinspiral brush tips
ULTRA-BLEND PLUS MINI KIT 2X1.2ml ultra-blend plus syringe-dentin/opqque 20xblack micro tips
FILE-EZE MINI KIT 2X1.2ml file-eze syringes, 10xblack mini tips
ULTRACAL XS MINI KIT 2X1.2ml ultracal syringe, 10xblack mini tips, 10x endo 22g tips


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